Area Policies for Games

Field space is tight and daylight is limited, particularly late in the season, so games must start and end on time. Players, coaches and referees should be at the field 30 minutes before game start for warmups, pre-game equipment inspection, and special instructions and coin toss. Starting time listed in the schedule is kickoff time, all pre-game matters should be taken care of before then.  Regardless of when you start, YOU MUST FINISH ON TIME TO ALLOW THE NEXT GAME TO START ON TIME, EVEN IF THAT MEANS CUTTING YOUR GAME SHORT.

There is a one-minute (or less) "substitution opportunity" midway through each half; the clock does not stop. Call off the players who are going to rest, send on the players who are going in and get the game going quickly. The break is for substitution only, it is not a coaching opportunity nor is it an extended rest and water break. Also, please keep your halftime breaks to 5 minutes or so.

Reminder: No child may play with any item of jewelry or any hard casts or splints. This is a uniform, nationwide, no-exception policy.  Jewelry includes:

In addition to this rules, please bear in mind that Irvington AYSO does not allow any smoking on or near the fields, nor do we allow families to bring dogs to games or practices.