Coach Contacts

If a player is dropping out or for other registration-related issues, contact the Registrar, Marion Burch, at

To request equipment or to make an appointment to pick up equipment or uniforms, contact the Equipment Manager, WE NEED A NEW EQUIPMENT MANAGER.  PLEASE CONTACT

For issues relating to your team, including player dropouts or additions and concerns about practices or games, contact the  coach administrator Mike Friedlander,

For issues pertaining to the schools or village (e.g. policy regarding lights), contact Assistant Commissioner, Marc Hirschheimer at

For safety issues, contact the Safety Director, NEED A VOLUNTEER PLEASE CONTACT

To ask for help in locating referees, contact the Referee Administrator, NEED A VOLUNTEER at commissioner @

To inquire about field lines or goals or to volunteer to help line fields and set up and take down goals, contact the Field Maintenance captain, NEED A VOLUNTEER!, PLEASE CONTACT

For anything to do with the Extra program, contact the AYSO Extra Coordinator, NEED A VOLUNTEER!  PLEASE CONTACT